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RE/MAX Town & Country Insider

RE/MAX Town & Country Insider
April  14, 2017

We are always growing!  
Here are our newest team members:

A new agent joins us the at the Ellijay office: KARA CONREY! 
 We are glad to have you with us, Kara.

Welcome to the team! 

News Nuggets   

The Ailion Team have a lot to be excited about! Crabapple Agent
Adam Ailion and his beautiful wife Natalie are expecting their first child, a baby boy, in early August. Adam adds, "We're going on a 'babymoon' in early May to Paris and Crete". 

First-time grandparents Bruce and Robin are over-the-moon too, and everyone is looking forward to this new addition to the family! 

Congratulations to Adam & Natalie!

Crabapple agent Kay Mazur has been on the lookout over a year for a new home for her son. Here is the update:
 "After 15 offers, I finally accepted an offer on a house for my son Peter. It has been quite an adventure. He way overbid most of the houses (in the 300K range) and sometimes there were as many as 15 offers. Dealing in East Atlanta is crazy!" 
Kay is so happy that he (and his cats ) found a new home!

The New Woodstock Sprouts Market is coming soon! Construction is set to be complete for mid-2017 in the Shops at Buckhead Crossing on Towne Lake Parkway. Residents are excited about the new anchor store which plans to occupy the space formerly held by Publix.

Have you ever overheard a lender use an acronym that made you pause and think "what are they talking about?"  

Both of our industries use a lot of acronyms to describe things. 

Here are some common acronyms that you may see lenders use from time to time. This list will clear up some confusion!

1003 - The form number for the Universal Residential Loan Applications
APR - Annual Percentage Rate - Describes the rate of interest + financing charges a consumer will be paying over the life of a line of credit.   
AUS - Automated Underwriting System.  This is a general term for the software run by GSEs to approve or deny files
CD - Closing Disclosure, the new settlement statement that replaced the HUD-1 in October 2015
CFPB - Consumer Financial Protection Bureau - Federal agency responsible for consumer protection in the financial sector
COL -  Crying out loud - what borrowers are doing by the time they send us everything we have asked for these days to process a loan
DTI - Debt to Income Ratio - The ratio of a buyers total monthly gross income compared to their monthly debt.  An important tool used in qualification
DU - Desktop Underwriter - Fannie Mae's AUS software
FHA - Federal Housing Administration - Government agency that insures loans made by banks and other private lenders for home building and financing 
GFE - Good Faith Estimate - the now replaced document that sought to disclose the terms of overall costs and fees to consumers to comparing lenders and brokers to one another.
GSE - Government Sponsored Enterprise.  A general term for systems like Fannie Mae & Freddie Mac whose function is to enhance the flow of credit to targeted sectors of the economy.
GUS - Guaranteed Underwriting System - USDA's AUS software
HOI - Homeowners Insurance
HUD - (The US Department of) Housing and Urban Development - Cabinet in the executive branch that develops and executes policies on housing and urban development
LE - Loan Estimate, the form that replaced and consolidated the Good Faith Estimate & Truth in Lending in October 2015
LOX/LOE - Letter of explanation, sometimes abbreviated LOE or LOX, it is a signed and dated letter stating or clarifying certain conditions on a loan that come directly from the buyer to underwriting.
LP - Loan Prospector - Freddie Mac's AUS Software
LTV - Loan to Value - The percentage of a loan amount compared to the purchase price of a home.  Example - if a person is putting 20% down, the LTV would be 80%
MLO/LO - (Mortgage) Loan Originator -  a licensed individual whose job it is to procure a mortgage loan for consumers
NMLS - Nationwide Multistate Licensing System & Registry - System in place for mortgage licensing, not to be confused with MLS - Multiple Listing Service!  
PITI - Principal, Interest, Taxes, Insurance - Term used to describe the complete monthly payment on a mortgage that carries an escrow account.
POA - Power of Attorney - When one person assumes the authority to sign documents on behalf of another
POC - Paid Outside of Closing - Describes a line item in a settlement statement that was paid before settlement.
RESPA - Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act - Congressional Act passed in 1974 whose main purpose is to protect homeowners by assisting them to become better educated while shopping for real estate services
TIL - Truth in Lending Disclosure - the now replaced document that sought to disclose the terms of financing to consumers to comparing lenders and brokers to one another
TILA - Truth in Lending Act - Congressional Act passed in 1968 to promote informed use of consumer credit.
TRID - TILA-RESPA Integrated Disclosure - The act that created and consolidated the GFE & TIL documents into the new LE
USDA - United States Department of Agriculture - A department of the executive branch dealing mostly in agriculture matters, but also guarantees loans for banks and other private lenders for housing in rural areas. 
VA - (US Department of) Veterans Affairs - Government-run military veteran benefit system that has a mortgage financing arm
VOE - Verification of Employment
VOM - Verification of Mortgage
VOR - Verification of Rental
XPN/EFX/TU - The three credit bureaus Experian, Equifax, & Transunion

On your side, 
We are here 24/7 for all your lending needs. Call Lori today! 
Lori Beardslee- Branch Manager 
NMLS 16931
Cell: 770-527-1375
Fax: 770-783-8086  
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Agent Spotlight: Phillip Finley
Philip Finley is an agent in the Downtown Blue Ridge office.

Philip is an active member in the community. He has served as a full
time fireman in Cobb County for over 17 years!

Before getting hired with Cobb Co, he was a volunteer fireman for Fannin County for 22 years!

Philip is married to his lovely wife, Heather. They have two children named Ben, 16 and Katie, 14. 

When he isn't working at one of his jobs, he pursues some of his hobbies:  He enjoys boating on Lake Blue Ridge, DIY building projects, playing with his dog Marley, and being a real estate agent! We are glad to have this pillar of the community with us as an agent!  Thanks for all your hard work, Philip!

8 Rules for Dating that Apply 
to Real Estate
So much of our lives are online, nowadays. Our social lives happen in online communities as much as the backyard barbecue or at a restaurant. We meet people with similar interests by joining Facebook groups or following someone's Instagram. YouTube is where we can learn to do almost everything, from simple home maintenance tasks to cooking dinner for the family.

Home shopping (like meeting people) can start online, as well.
They're both about finding the right one. Just like a matchmaker, house hunters turn to you to help them wade through the pool of eligible homes and find the one of their dreams. Here are eight ways online dating and home shopping are exactly the same and what your role is as the matchmaker....

Knowing their price range is like knowing who is in their league. You have to help your client be as realistic as possible here. In the dating world, it's a waste of time always going after people who you know won't give you a chance. In a home search, there's no point in lusting after houses you'll never be able to afford. Be a good wing-man for your client and only introduce them to prospective properties they have a serious chance with.

Be sure they're ready to move on. Buying a home is a long-term commitment; is your client ready for something long-term? Help your client get pre-qualified. It'll show they're ready to move on from their current home or apartment. In other words, make sure they're over their last real estate love. Ask them for a sign they're not just pretending to be ready to move on.

Don't be superficial. Ever met a date who looked nothing like the online photo? Well, homes sometimes look way better online than they do in person. Before agreeing to take them on a home tour, ask your client to name something not related to aesthetics that draws them to the home. Then you'll know a deeper connection is possible.

Don't make decisions based on first impressions. After they meet in person, your client may think the house is as awesome as it appeared online. But encourage your client to take it slow before making a commitment. Keep them grounded by pushing them to do an inspection (or maybe more than one) to make sure the home isn't hiding any dark secrets inside.

Don't second-guess your heart (or gut). Love at first sight is rare, but it happens. It's possible your client will find the home of their dreams in the first property they see. If this is the case, don't try and rationalize or talk them out of their decision. But do make sure they take the necessary precautions before jumping into this new real estate relationship.

Celebrate once they've sealed the deal. Once your client closes the transaction and walks down the aisle and into their new home, congratulate them and come to their housewarming party to show your support for their new status as a homeowner.

Help them maintain a lifetime of happiness. Show your clients steps that they can take to care for their home so they don't fall on hard times. Give them resources to keep up with home maintenance and make sure they know never to ignore problems that may pop up. This will help your clients have an enduring home that comforts them and their families for years to come.

By: Mary McIntosh

News From Your Broker...

"The real estate market is booming! Right now is one of the best times to do what we do! 

If you are a new agent, get with your mentor and get ready before the busy summer time is here. If you are a seasoned agent, be sure that you are prepared for this housing market boom by prepping your materials and getting ready for market trends and changes. 

Since 2017, we have seen an even busier housing market than the year before. I hope you are ready to grow your business! 

Your Biggest Fan! 

Molly McGrory
   Broker / Owner
Alpharetta, Canton, Ellijay,  
Blue Ridge, Blairsville, Hiawassee

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RE/MAX Training

April 17th
CAOR GOLF for Charity
Where: Fairways of Canton 400 Laurel Canyon Pkwy Canton, GA
When: Registration 9:00 am
Practice Range 9:00 am, Shotgun Start at 11:00 am 19th Hole Dinner & Awards: 4:30 pm 
Proceeds benefit Habitat for Humanity, Boys & Girls Club & The Cherokee Association of REALTORS®!

APRIL 18th
License and Law CE Class 
with Howell Haunson
When: Tues. April 18th 10am-1pm
When: April, Where: Canton, Ga 
Featherstone's Grille
 COST: $15. Arrive early to get a good seat! There will be a presentation by our sponsor at 9:45 a.m. Class begins at 10 a.m. Georgia License Law for RE/MAX Town & Country. 

IMPORTANT: No matter how many CE credits you have, THIS IS A REQUIRED CLASS TO KEEP YOUR REAL ESTATE LICENSE ACTIVE! ALL agents must take a GA License Law class.

April 22nd
Free Home Buying Seminar
When: 11am-1pm
Where: RE/MAX Town & Country, Crabapple
Home Buyer Seminar

-Home Buying in 6 STEPS
-Credit Education
-Mortgage Readiness
-Contract and Closings
-Down Payment Assistance Programs


MAY 4th
Get on the Bus! Cherokee Spring Parade 
of New Homes
When: Thu, May 4, 9am - 3pm
Where: 1600 River Park Blvd, Woodstock, GA 
Cherokee Spring Parade of New Homes 2017
Thursday, May 4th, 2017 from 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Join us for a tour of new home communities in Cherokee Co. Tickets Only $25.00 


MAY 5th
ShowingTime: Simplify Your Showings 
FREE CE  Class in Alpharetta
When: May 5, 10am - 1pm
Where: RE/MAX Town & Country Alpharetta, 
Get here early for free breakfast and a short presentation by the sponsor. ShowingTime: Simplify Your Showings (3.25 hours) *3 CE Credits ShowingTime for FMLS is a new core product for all FMLS members that allows real estate professionals to share and access showing information from Matrix.


When: Every second Saturday of the month 
from 6-9pm, 
Enjoy music, food, and goodies from local retailers and vendors. 


CAOR Golf for Charity: April 17th

Taste of Blue Ridge: April 22nd 5-8pm
A wonderful event that benefits the local Humane Society. Sample local food from over 30 restaurants, participate in a silent auction and a cash raffle. 


Trace Adkins in concert at Georgia Mountain Fair Grounds 

Upcoming Days to Remember: 

Easter: Sunday, April 16th

Mother's Day: May 14th 

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